Behind the Scenes- Video Blogging about Melbourne street style. Check out the full article in MTV Canada’s new online magazine FORA :)

Behind the Scenes- Video Blogging about Melbourne street style. Check out the full article in MTV Canada’s new online magazine FORA :)

Melbourne Street Style. Photos courtesy of Erin Hogue 

Check out the full story ‘Fascinated with Melbourne' on MTV Canada's new online magazine FORA. Having troubles watching the video? Check it out here!

I took on the AFL at the MCG in Australia. This is how it went down…

Melbourne on a Budget

I teamed up with the good people at Travel with a Mate and will be writing some articles for them over the next coming months. Most of them will be things to see and do in a particular city on a budget. Today, I give you Melbourne :) 


Picture 13

Known as the culture capital of Australia, Melbourne is definitely a city with a lot of character. From the art and music scene, to the people; there is always something to do on any given day here (and for cheap!). I stayed in Melbourne for the last part of my Australian journey when the funds were low. Luckily this fine city had more than enough things to offer a traveller like myself on a tight budget. 

With that, I give you my 10 Things to do in Melbourne on a Budget


Travel with a Mate is an awesome community of travel bloggers and round-the-world backpackers giving you great travel advice. Follow them and get involved!

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You can also check out my post: Must-Do’s in Melbs for more fun things to do here :) 

Despite the fact that Aussies are excellent at drinking, they seem to be missing one thing: the Caesar. This classic Canadian drink was impossible to find Down Under so I decided to take matters into my own hands and make some Canadians VERY happy :)

For a classic Caesar recipe head over to my blog

Meet the Tribe

During my time here in Australia I’ve met a lot of really great people. Some I’ve introduced you to or mentioned, but what I’m about to say next deserves it’s own category: MEET THE SYDNEY TRAVEL TRIBE!


Every month the tribe gets together to share ideas, business tips and chat about their one true love: Travel.

I found out about the group through Graham who has been supporting me on my Best Travel Job Ever journey. When he saw that I was leaving Melbourne and heading back to Sydney, he immediately suggested I come out for some beers and meet the tribe. 

I’ve never been to a tweetup before in my own country, let alone one on the other side of the world… but I thought to myself, what have I got to lose?

The moment I sat down and started chatting with some of them I realized how much we all had in common. We are young entrepreneurs with nothing but endless ideas spilling out of us the more we got to know each other. These my friends are the people of the future. So with that, I would like to introduce you to the tribe:

 @aussie_ian: The mastermind behind this whole thing, Ian is also the founder of a realtime Q&A service called Travellr. He’s also in the know of everything that goes on in the social media world of travel and someone you should definitely be following on Twitter!

@brookeschoenman: A perpetual nomad, Brooke has an awesome blog called Brooke Vs The World. She also sends out a monthly newsletter called Female Travel Underground that covers off-beat topics for the off-the-beaten path female travellers. Ladies I highly recommend you sign up now. 

 @grayum_ian: Founder of Project Wander, this dude never sleeps. He devotes an obsessive (and impressive) amount of time to following current travel news and trends via Twitter, podcasts, conferences and personal experience. He’s totally crushing it… oh and did I mention he’s Canadian?

 @kevlippy: Kevin is one of those uber cool dudes that has so many ideas in his head he can barely contain himself. He’s been working really hard at launching his website Brokepacker.com so keep your eye on this one if you want to save some serious cashola while you travel. 

 Alicia and Katrina from World Nomads: These ladies were kind enough to offer me some desk space and free (high speed) WIFI at their World Nomads office in Sydney so I could upload some vids. Big thanks to Ian for hooking me up with a t-shirt and DVD as well :) 

 @trooperlauren: Co-founder of Globe Trooper, Lauren came up with this brilliant idea to create a forum where people can create their trips online and find like-minded travellers to join them. I highly recommend you follow them on Twitter as well.

  @vagabondquest: This cute backpacking couple Dina and Ryan have been on the road for over a year now and have a great blog VegabondQuest that offers tips, tricks, and awesome stories from the road. 

But these are just a few of the awesome people you will meet if you ever attend a Sydney Travel Tribe. Their numbers are only growing, so I highly recommend you check out their website and read the latest news. If you’re a travelling blogger like myself and ever in the Sydney area, be sure to stop in a enjoy some beers with the tribe. I can’t wait to reunite with them again in the future! 


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Tasmania: A place to discover
Read more about my experience here. 

Tasmania: A place to discover

Read more about my experience here

Tagg Does Tassie

Ok, so when most young people come to Australia they chose to do the three R’s (The Road, The Rock and The Reef) and travel up the Gold Coast getting wasted in hostels and sailing the Whitsundays. Now I have nothing against doing these things (My Great Ocean Road Experience is one I will never forget) but I made a promise to myself that when I came out here I would do and see more than the popular tourist attractions. 

Which brought me here, to the beautiful state of Tasmania…


I’m going to go ahead a say that Tassie is one of the most underrated places to travel in Australia. Not many people make it out here (not even Aussies). But as a Canadian, I immediately connected with everything this beautiful place had to offer. 

Seriously, put aside all the bad things you’ve heard about Tassie people (but while we’re on the topic, watch this hilarious video). I’m serious when I say I’d love to retire in the city of Hobart. So with that I give you the


5) THE LANDSCAPE: Very similar to Vancouver, when you fly into Hobart you see a stunning city surrounding with lush green mountains and sitting right on the water.


4) THE FOOD: oh my God the food! The freshest seafood, the tastiest cheese (I highly recommend hitting Bruny Island and trying the Otto wrapped in Proscuitto) and wine that will make your pallet very happy. Check out Gill’s blog to discover more. 

3) THE CASCADE BREWERY: The Oldest Brewery in Australia. For merely $20 you get the most interesting tour, tasting, and true appreciation for a building with so much history. 


2) WINEGLASS BAY: A beautiful place on the east coast of Tassie and about a 2.5hr drive from Hobart. As if the drive itself wasn’t amazing enough (minus the ridiculous roadkill count) seeing the view from the top of the lookout makes the 40min leg burning climb completely worth it.


1) THE SALAMANCA MARKETS: Every Saturday in the city of Hobart, local businesses set up shop selling everything from fresh food to beautiful pieces of art. My fav part was all the local musicians who played throughout the day. Tassie is also the only place where Huon Pine is grown, so you’ll find lots of cute cheese platters and rolling pins made from this sexy looking wood. I also found the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life at a cafe called Tricycle


So do yourself a favour and put Tasmania on your ‘Must-See' places when you visit Australia. Getting here was ridiculously easy. I found a $19 flight with Jetstar from Melbourne to Hobart and it was only a one hour plane ride away :) 

Eating noodles every day gets kind of tiring as a traveller. So I hit the Victoria markets in Melbourne Australia with $20 in my pocket to buy food for the week. The outcome was surprisingly successful.

Meet Erin

photographer. optimist. intelligent. beautiful. and my best friend :) 


Erin and I grew up in Newmarket, Ontario together where we went to the same schools, played on the same sports teams and had endless amounts of sleepovers in her basement giggling into the wee hours of the morning.

She recently flew into Melbourne and it’s like nothing’s ever changed between us :)


Originally she came out here to join Rob on his Skate4Cancer tour across Australia, but since he’s been injured, she’s now hanging out here with me (and working on some other photography projects) before flying back to Whistler. Erin has a love for the powder…so much that she was determined to get back on the mountain despite breaking her wrist last year from boarding. If that’s not hardcore… I don’t know what is. 


Erin has a gift behind the lens and I always get excited when she lets me play with her latest camera gear. After doing a fun photo shoot down by the water, we hit the streets of Melbourne to dissect the street style. You can find some of her photos in MTV Canada’s new online magazine FORA

I highly recommend you check out her photo blog as well. Girl’s got mad skills. 

Riding on a Dream

Meet my friend Rob. 


Rob is one of those rare people you meet in your life. The kind that puts others before himself and inspires me on a daily basis to never give up on my dreams. Over five years ago, Rob started an organization called Skate4Cancer which has grown into a supportive community for young people affected by cancer. 

Although he does so much to promote cancer prevention, one thing he does every couple of years is traveling to a country and skateboarding across it. I made a documentary about his very first skate from LA to Toronto when I was in Uni and will never forget the day Rob crossed the Canadian border with Martin Streek by his side.I cut together a shorter version for Youtube- but if you want to see the full doc. contact me :)

Since then Rob has boarded across Canada, New Zealand and has just skated a major chunk of Australia. Unfortunately he was injured on this skate and needs to take some time off to recover but there is no doubt in my mind he will be back to conquer to remainder of Australia. When he starts something, he is determined to finish it. 

Rob started his Aussie skate in Sydney where I embraced him and the rest of the team. I introduced them to my favourite spot in Bondi to watch the sunset- a place that has played a significant role on my journey. 


I met him with open arms again in Melbourne where the skate community came together at Prahan Skate Park for a good old Aussie BBQ. When two teenage boys came up to him and asked him to sign their boards I couldn’t help but smile :)


It is so amazing to see how Rob has inspired people on a worldwide level now. They are not only following him, but open their homes up to him and the team anywhere they go- offering beds, showers, etc. It’s times like this you realize how beautiful the world really is :)

So be part of the movement and support Rob on his journey. Check out the website, subscribe to their Youtube Channel and join their Facebook page to stay updated with events. 

Lets Dream. Love. Cure. together :) 

I take on the Great Ocean Road with my Canadian friends Kelly and Mike.

This was our trip in a nutshell :) 

Melbourne on a Budget
Meet the Tribe
Tagg Does Tassie
Meet Erin
Riding on a Dream



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